VB Brazilian Steakhouse in Arlington, TX: A Carnivore’s Paradise

The Atmosphere

From the moment you step into VB Brazilian Steakhouse, you’re welcomed into a world of culinary opulence. The atmosphere exudes sophistication with dimly lit chandeliers casting a warm glow on the hardwood floors. The décor features a modern blend of rustic and chic elements—exposed bricks juxtaposed with polished wood, and tastefully adorned with native Brazilian artifacts.

The Experience

As a seasoned food blogger, I can safely say that dining at VB Brazilian Steakhouse is not just about the food; it’s an experience. You’re not merely sitting down to eat; you’re embarking on a culinary adventure that takes you straight to the heart of Brazil. A team of expertly trained “Gauchos” roam the dining area with large skewers of meats, offering a wide range of choices right at your table. This “churrasco” style of service allows you to sample various cuts without having to lift more than your fork and knife.

The Food

The cornerstone of any steakhouse is, of course, the meat, and VB does not disappoint. The selections include everything from Picanha (the prized Brazilian rump cap) to tender filet mignon, lamb chops, and even exotic offerings like chicken hearts for the more adventurous eater. Each cut was seasoned to perfection, expertly grilled, and served piping hot.

The salad bar was not an afterthought, either. An array of options, including fresh greens, exotic fruits, and uniquely Brazilian side dishes like Feijoada (a black bean stew with pork), offer a refreshing contrast to the richness of the meats.

And let’s not forget about the drinks. The Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail, was the perfect pairing for the robust flavors on my plate. Made with cachaça, lime, and sugar, it provided a refreshing sip that danced harmoniously with the smoky, savory goodness of the meats.


The service at VB Brazilian Steakhouse matches its high-quality food. The Gauchos were not only skilled in carving meat but also incredibly knowledgeable. They were more than willing to explain the cuts, how they were prepared, and even offer tips on what to try next. The waitstaff was attentive without being intrusive—a fine line that many restaurants struggle to navigate.


Given the upscale experience and the exceptional quality of the food, the prices at VB Brazilian Steakhouse are justified. It’s not a casual dining spot but rather a place where you go to celebrate, indulge, and experience Brazilian cuisine in a way that honors its rich, cultural heritage.

The Final Verdict

VB Brazilian Steakhouse in Arlington is a dining experience that transcends the norm. It’s a place where every detail is meticulously executed to transport you to a culinary world far removed from the Texan landscape. With its excellent food, outstanding service, and an atmosphere that balances both elegance and comfort, it’s the perfect spot for a special occasion or a sumptuous weekend dinner.

For a gastronomic journey that takes you straight to the heart of Brazil without needing a passport, VB Brazilian Steakhouse is your ticket.

Jojo The Flying Foodie

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